Brew It Yourself: Stone Pale Ale | The Stone Blog


Brew It Yourself: Stone Pale Ale | The Stone Blog:

Stone Pale Ale (Advanced)

Yield: 5 Gallons (about 54 12-ounce bottles or 30 22-ounce bottles)

  • 87.0% crushed North American two-row pale malt
  • 10.5% crushed 60L crystal malt
  • 2.5% crushed 75L crystal malt
  • Conversion temperature 156°F
  • Mash out 165°F
  • 0.171 lb/bbl Columbus hops (12.9% alpha acid)

[90 minutes]

  • 0.30 lb/bbl Ahtanum hops (6.0% alpha acid)

[10 minutes]

  • 0.46 lb/bbl Ahtanum hops (6.0% alpha acid)

[0 minutes]

  • White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale Yeast or WLP002 English Ale Yeast
  • Pitch rate 16 to 18
  • Starting gravity 1.057 (14 Plato)
  • Final gravity 1.014 (3.5 Plato)
  • Ferment at 72°F

Clean and sanitize all of your equipment.


In a 10-galloln insulated cooler, combine the crushed malts with 3 gallons plus 12 cups of 172°F water. The water should cool slightly when mixed with the grain. Hold the mash at 156°F for 20 minutes.

Add 2 gallons plus 2 cups of 184°F water. The mixture should come up to 165°F.

Lautering & Sparging

Lauter the mash. Once the liquid is lower than the level of the grain, begin to slowly sprinkle 3 gallons plus 1 cup of 168°F water over the grains to start the sparge. Continue sparging.

The Boil

Set the brew kettle of wort on top of a propane burner and add water to bring the wort level up to about 6 gallons plus 12 cups, if needed. Bring the wort to a rapid, rolling boil. As it begins to come to a boil, a layer of foam and scum may develop at the surface. Skim it off and discard. Once the wort is at a full boil, put a hops bag containing the Columbus hops in the kettle and set a timer for 90 minutes. Stir the wort frequently during the boil and be watchful to avoid boil-overs.

At 15 minutes before the end of the boil, stir in the Irish moss. At 10 minutes before the end of the boil, put a hops bag containing the 0.77 ounce of Ahtanum hops in the kettle. When the boiling time is over, turn off the heat and put a hops bag containing the remaining Ahtanum hops in the kettle. Cover the kettle and immediately begin cooling the wort as quickly as possible.

Pitching Yeast & Fermentation

Once the wort has cooled to 72°F, discard the spent hops and check the specific gravity of the wort with a hydrometer. The target starting gravity is 1.057 (14 Plato).

Transfer the wort to the primary fermentation bucket. Pitch the yeast (or prepare a yeast starter).

Allow the wort to ferment through primary and secondary fermentation at 72°F until it reaches a specific gravity of 1.014 (3.5 Plato).


When you’re ready to bottle, clean and sanitize the bottles, caps and bottling equipment. Put the dried malt extract in a medium saucepan and stir in just enough water to dissolve it. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Remove from the heat, cover and let cool slightly. Proceed with bottling.